We are please to announce that we will attend the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg in March (28th-30th). 🌱 Hall 3 - Booth 753

⚡️ We will also hold a conference about wood coatings, surfactant-free emulsion and Life Cycle Assessment on March 27th. 


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Our conference will be hold by our CEO, Olivier CHOULET : 

How could we address the climate challenge when two third of the wood coatings still rely on solvent-borne technologies?

Ecoat will introduce the powerful tool provided by the life cycle assessment to ecodesign wood coatings and reduce the industry's carbon footprint. Several scenarios on raw materials sourcing, binders and emulsifications technologies or paint formulation have been investigated. In this context, the Pickering emulsification technology stands as a unique technology by removing the surfactant and all the drawbacks that come with it, while improving drying performances (water resistance or compatibility) and lowering further carbon footprint.

The Switcher approach to reduce the carbon footprint of your coatings - Nov, 3rd 03:00 PM (+1 UTC)

Ecoat va présenté les puissantes Analyses de Cycle de Vie (ACV) pour faire de l’éco-conception avec vos produits afin de réduire l’empreinte carbone de l’industrie. Plusieurs scénarii de sourcing des matières premières, liants et techniques d’émulsification ou encore de formulation de peinture ont été étudiées. Les ACV sont une étape importante dans l’entrée en transition écologique.

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Du 22 au 24 septembre 2021 se déroulera le Plant Based Summit à Reims. Olivier Choulet (PDG d’Ecoat) participera à une de ces rencontres et interviendra pour parler d’un sujet qui touche les entreprises engagées dans le développement durable : « Aller vers des revêtements architecturaux biosourcés avec des performances exceptionnelles ». N’hésitez pas à nous rendre visite et à participer aux conférences durant lesquelles vous pourrez découvrir et apprendre de nouvelles choses.

Biobased Coating Europe 2020

Olivier Choulet, CEO of Ecoat, will present “Innovative polymers for sustainable & performing coatings” | June 23rd - 24th 2020 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Ecoat was awarded from the state financial recovery plan « France Relance », Ecoat invests in an innovative facility with low Carbon footprint on its French site in Roussillon, France (OSIRIS). The annual production capacity will reach 10 000 tons for its bio-based Coating polymers.
We received the visit of the Sub-Prefects in the manufactory site on this occasion.

Pierre Potier Prize

On May 2019 was held in Paris the 2019 Pierre Potier Prize.
Ecoat has been rewarded with his second Prix Potier after the first one won in 2012 as ChemStrat'Up prize. This new Prize points out the development in collaboration with ITECH School and ADEME for BIOPAINT, a new generation of water based bio sourced resins for industrial applications.

France Chimie: Prix Pierre Potier

Opportunities for the alkyd resin market to create a sustainable future for the european coatings industry - Perstorp, Catexel and Ecoat

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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur inventors and patents - Forbes magazine- Entrepreneurs #brevet

Ecoat wins 1st prize from French Tech inventors and patents in PACA for developing green binders for Paint and Coatings Industry

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Hoover Color, a division of Cathay Industries, and Ecoat have started a collaborative project to develop coatings formulations on the basis of environmentally friendly raw materials. In this project Hoover Color holds responsible for the pigments side, whereas Ecoat contributes the binder products.

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