We are please to announce that we will attend the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg in March (28th-30th). 🌱 Hall 3 - Booth 753

⚡️ We will also hold a conference about wood coatings, surfactant-free emulsion and Life Cycle Assessment on March 27th. 


🍀 Get your entry ticket soon & stay connected to have more information about this event with us 🤗


Our conference will be hold by our CEO, Olivier CHOULET : 

How could we address the climate challenge when two third of the wood coatings still rely on solvent-borne technologies?

Ecoat will introduce the powerful tool provided by the life cycle assessment to ecodesign wood coatings and reduce the industry's carbon footprint. Several scenarios on raw materials sourcing, binders and emulsifications technologies or paint formulation have been investigated. In this context, the Pickering emulsification technology stands as a unique technology by removing the surfactant and all the drawbacks that come with it, while improving drying performances (water resistance or compatibility) and lowering further carbon footprint.

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