Secoia is our Bio-based Alkyd Emulsion range for architectural and wood Paints.


* Secoia 1400

"Best in Class" Cost/Performance bio-based Emulsion

95% bio-based Emulsion for interior wall and trim paints.

The economic process developped for this short-oil-length alkyd-based binder, where the addition of a drier is needed, allows to formulate Low Cost paints without any solvent, low VOC/sVOC levels and no odor.

It offers alternative performances against best acryliques with:

  • A fast Hardness development
  • Low initial Tack/Color
  • Very limited Yellowing in time
  • Excellent Resistance to wet abrasion


Fiche produit Secoia 1400 : LEAFLET_1400.pdf


* Secoia 4400 - New Alkyd Technology -

"1st Surfactant free" bio-based Alkyd Emulsion 

99% Bio-based Pickering Emulsion for interior wall paints (matt to glossy), primers, undercoats and lacquers. 

This short-oil-length alkyd-based binder has extremely low VOC/sVOC for matt, satin applications and for gloss trim paints.

It offers outstanding performances, even without any drier, such as:

  • A Fast Drying and Hardness development
  •  An excellent water and stain Resistance due to the lack of surfactants
  • A Low initial Color and limited Yellowing in time
  • A Reactivity improved with Associative Thickners


* Secoia 4487

100% Natural and Renewable Materials for Wood Applications

This long-oil-length alkyd-based binder pickering emulsion is stabilized by a brand new technology involving colloïd chemistry.

Secoia 4487 is especially designed for use in wood stains and impregnating wood protection. The emulsion will enhance wood's natural beauty and prevent grain raising.



All Ecoat Innovation compounds can be formulated to meet a variety of customer specifications and requirements.

For sampling, TDS/MSDS and more information, please contact us.



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