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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Price depends on volume and location to be delivered, please refer to our distribution network, or contact us via the Contact form so that we can further discuss your needs.
    Our binders are synthesized based on polycondensation chemistry using fatty based chemistry and ingredients : alkyd, Polyurethane modified alkyds also called Alkyd Polyurethanes (APU).
    By biobased binder, we mean a binder that has been synthesized from high amount of Biobased raw materials. A biobased, also called Bio-based or biosourced product is a product coming from Biomass of plant or animal origin (i.e. living beings, in contrary of fossil or geological origin). Please download our product chart or contact us if you want to have more information.
    We use Simapro software to carry our Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and have skilled expert to support you in the LCA & ecodesign of your coatings. This is indeed the purpose of our switcher offer. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more !
    Our products are in compliance with EC 1907 / 2006 regulation that cover Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH). We provide more details statements on request. If you want to have more details on REACh of regulation or any inventory compliance, please contact us.

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