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The heart of our company

Beyond hard skills, diploma, and experiences, we attach a strong importance to the personality and the person in itself. Motivation and commitment deeply matter to us. As a mission-driven company, we have at heart to nurturing talents and making them bloom.


Human-sized and nimble company with highly skilled and diverse talents combined to tackle operational & strategic challenges.


With a doubling growth every year, we leverage our bio-based binders expertise in France and Europe to take positions in Asia, especially China and in North America. We are known and recognized by the Top 10 coatings actors as one of the key solution for lowering their carbon footprint.

with LEARNING opportunities

Our company in constant growth, combined with our DNA & mission of favouring teammates training, offers learning and growing experience. We are also strong believers of dual-training to prepare our future talents.

On July 2022 Ecoat officially became a “Société à Mission”.

Click here to know more about our Mission & this French status

We are proud of our innovative company, with 25% of our employees in R&D, and “research that finds” with more than 10 products bought to market in 10 years.

We are proud of our industrial french site with a capacity multiplied by 2 between 2023 & 2024, whereas first reactor was installed in 2015 in a former chemical workshop of Roussillon platform.

“Ecoat’s journey would not have been possible without the passion, hard work and commitment of all our teams over the past 12 years. We thank them all for their contribution”

Why join us?

  • To add your talents to an agile & dynamic teams aiming to “move the lines” of the petrobased era. The environment is at the heart of our concerns as the planet is our health and future.
  • To find a working environment encouraging free expression and initiative, reinforcing respect and listening, and giving everyone the opportunity to develop their skills and grow within the company.
  • To join a team committed to the inclusion of all people, without any discrimination.
  • To match your adventurous spirit and willingness to evolve in a fast moving structure with ambitious goals.

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