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To meet the growing needs in bio-based polymers for the next generation coatings, we focus on high performance and eco-friendly innovation.

Due to increasing governmental regulations to protect the environment, new directives under discussion, potentially banning metals salts such as cobalt, it appears clear that our environmental responsibility is to develop alternative binder technologies. New legislation imposes challenges to the resin producer and coating formulator with major reformulation efforts. Ecoat filed a patent to protect intellectual property linked to the new technologies we currently develop.

Our patented technologies

We have developed new patented technologies for post application cross linking. We believe it will make a significant inroad in the green chemistry deployment.

We focus on innovation in polymer technologies like:

- Bio-based or conventional Alkyd Resin Emulsions
- Bio-based or conventional, drier free, Alkyd Resin Emulsions
- Bio-based or conventional Alkyd PU Emulsions
- Bio-based Alkyd Pickering Emulsions

Leaf Tech is a patented, trade mark registered, technology for conventional and bio-based alkyd binders.  It offers outstanding performances for matte, satin and shiny paints, according to environmental issues and regulations.
Some of the benefits of Leaf Tech technology are:
- Drier free

- MEKO free

- Fast drying allowing a quick second layer of paint, less than 3 hours for a satin paint

- Open time increased

- High hardness development

In the coating applications, the technology allows to:

- Substitute the cobalt driers, which can be labeled toxic for the environment

- Substitute MEKO in solvent baed system

- Replace 2K solvent systems into 1K water-based system (polyester or epoxy resins….)

- Improve durability and performances of existing binders (acrylic, vinyl…)

- Develop the reactivity of natural oils

Clean'R is a new patented technology developed by Ecoat for paints and coatings. This cleaning-technology will helps manufacturers create interior alkyd paints that have low chemical emissions (VOC). Formaldehyde, a VOC commonly found in paint, a probable carcinogen, will be absorb by paint and transform into water vapor.

A good coat of paint using Clean'R technology  will not only last for years, but also will improve the indoor air quality of houses, contribute to a better health, and protect the environment.

Coupled with the 2012 Pierre Potier Prize which was held on September 12, 2012 in Paris-Bercy in the presence of Mr Arnaud Montebourg, Minister of Productive Recovery, the Third Edition of the ChemStart'Up prize rewarded Ecoat for his new patented technology for post application cross linking: an innovation in coating applications.Article on the website of les Echos on 31/10/2012


We develop products, processes and innovation services in collaboration with all our customers. We also offer our customers technical service and applications know-how. Exclusivities on customized products are possible.

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